The HYDRA team gathered for the first biannual meeting on May 26th 2021. This is the first gathering of the whole consortium since the project kick-off in September 2020. Due to the on-going restrictions on international travel, the meeting was held online. Nonetheless, a small group from SINTEF was able to come together in person to chair the meeting from Trondheim.

After working on the project for more than 6 months, there were plenty of results to show! Progress in the individual work packages was presented and it was discussed how these new findings can be used to support HYDRA’s objective to build high-performance and sustainable Li-ion batteries.

SINTEF representatives gathered for the first biannual meeting.

HYDRA aims to produce cobalt-free, high-energy Li-ion battery cells that can be manufactured using cost-effective methods and environmentally friendly materials. Early efforts in the project are directed towards establishing baseline performance metrics considering current state of the art materials, and quantifying the performance gains from proposed advances in materials synthesis and cell design. This will be demonstrated by the manufacturing of HYDRA baseline cells later in 2021.

HYDRA also aims to accelerate battery development through the use of model-based design tools coupled to experiments. The first version of the cell modelling framework for HYDRA was presented and will be prepared for a public beta release later this year. Stay tuned to learn more about the exciting developments in HYDRA!