Access HYDRA Training program

Access HYDRA is a program to engage more exchanges about battery research! The program is open to a broad audience, so if you are interested in battery technology, you are welcome to participate. The aim is to offer training to people without the means of doing battery research yet willing to gain experience in this field.

Learn about battery research at one of our labs!

This program gives the candidates the opportunity to follow a short training stay of a few weeks in one of the labs of our consortium partners. During their stay, the candidates will be able to participate in the laboratory work and experience the work environment of key partners in the battery research area.

Different partners of the HYDRA consortium are participating in this training program, thus covering a broad spectrum from universities, research institutes to industries! This means candidates can choose if they want to gain more knowledge in battery research either from an academic or an industrial perspective.

Depending on the applicant’s background (non-experienced or experienced), the nature of visit could be either of training character, or active research work according to HYDRA project targets.

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So if you are a student (MSc of PhD level) or a researcher from a European country interested in battery technology, read along to discover more about this unique training opportunity!

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General application procedure

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Subsection 3
Presentation of partners and expertise

Subsection 4
How to apply